No, not the thing where people mutilate their ears/nose/whatever, the thing that tells you what’s going on in your car.

Picked up a trio of Autometer gauges today (volts, oil pressure, water temp) and a plate to hold them for the Chevelle. After going back and forth a million times between electric and mechanical, I went with the easier installation of electric over the overall better-ness of mechanical.

Awful lighting courtesy of a drop light and my phone’s flash

I mocked up the panel, should be pretty cool. I also got a tach that mounts in the dash where the clock would be if this car had one (the circle outline visible) a while ago. Now I just need to get some wire and pull the dash apart (again).

I’m also deciding how I’m going to mount that panel. My dash is in way too nice of a condition to want to screw into it, I may try some sort of tape (VHB comes to mind) or some sort of rig to clamp it to the edge. We’ll see.

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