As some of you may know, I'm planning on joining the two wheels bad club when I return to the US this summer. When it gets closer, I'm considering doing a series of posts describing my experience going from almost clueless to fully licensed, properly equipped rider. Things this series would include:

  • Full cost breakdown, including gear purchases, training courses, motorcycle, maintenance costs, insurance costs, books, fuel, etc.
  • Resources I found useful
  • How I bought my bike
  • What it's like getting on a bike for the first time and becoming comfortable on the road
  • Things I would do differently
  • And much more!

The idea is to capture the learning process and provide a concrete idea of the costs and commitments involved so others can learn from my mistakes. Hopefully it's something that those considering making the jump as well would find useful, and the rest of you would find entertaining. Any takers?