Gauging Interest: OppoCheck!

The other day I asked for a VIN check and although I got no help (you bitches) a member suggested we start a "club" where members get unlimited VIN checks after making a one-time contribution. This is that club.

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Introducing OppoCheck! The cool people club, for cool people only. To join OppoCheck you will need to make a $5 contribution through PayPal to make this actually work. The club will use AutoCheck. Why not CarFax? Because AutoCheck actually offers unlimited VIN checks for 30 days at $44.99. The only "unlimited" subscription from CarFax does 5 VINs and unlimited reports by USA license plates for $54.99.

Once you have contributed you will be added to the member list and will be able to request reports for as long as we can keep this going... Hopefully forever? Every $5 contribution will be pooled in the PayPal account and every 9 of them will go towards a month. Who's interested? I am. Let me know if you are.


Please ask questions, make suggestions, and comment below.

Shouts out to Crest and JQJ213!

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