Gave myself wood

Okay, last excessive post about the new shift knob - i promise.


While it’s a lot lighter than the Abarth knob, it feels really good in the hand. Kind of makes the car feel older as well, interesting feeling I didn’t expect to have.

In case you haven’t followed my shift knob shenanigans, this knob is from a Fiat 500 Riva edition. Purchased on eBay from a dude in Slovakia. Fiat sort of traps you in to using their knobs or expensive aftermarket ones by making the knob bolt on to the shift rod versus screwing on to it like a normal auto manufacturer - see below. Could thread the rod, but I honestly fell in love with the Riva knob as soon as I saw it. The whole interior is fantastic really. 


Next up is figuring out a solution for the boot. I like the exposed shifter shaft, but not a bid fan of the hole being so wide on the boot. Open to suggestions on a fix there.

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