and compared to the midwest, the hills around here (Boulder-Fort Collins) are too big for my fitness level and a double crankset. Even after changing the 42 to a 39 and the rear cogs all the way to a 34.

I love the looks of my Shimano 600 EX Arabesque but there’s no triple. I had to jump forward three or four Shimano generations to get to the first 600/Ultegra triple.

The form is too modern for me but at least it’s not black or four arm. My learning curve is shooting up. I had no idea how easy it is to convert a loose bearing bottom bracket to one with cartridge bearings and the axle to this fancy Octalink stuff.


Now I’m running 53/42/30 with 13-30. 34 tooth cog in the back wouldn’t be a bad idea but I don’t think my Suntour Cyclone II has enough chain wrap to handle that with the 53-30 up front.

Out with the old :(

So shiney!


My mind is gradually acclimating to the fact that I’m old and slow. Strava is helping reinforce that.

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