So, I’ve seen this a bunch of times and it stands out as odd to me. But it got me thinking. What would be the official cars of the Gizmodo blogs? (sorry for the bad screengrab)

I would say the following:

Kinja: Pontiac Sunfire (hard to look at, always broken)

Jalopnik: Miata

Gizmodo: Tesla

Deadspin: Honda Odyssey (mostly dads, past their glory)

Jezebel: Hard not to be a sexist ass, so pass.

Kotaku: Scion xB (appeals to nerds who pretend to be Japanese)*

Lifehacker: A modded and ziptied together Tdi that runs on biodiesel (total hack job)

Splinter: A bike as not to support corporate greed/ruin the environment

AV Club: Whatever their mom drives.

*I’m a gamer, but not really keen on JRPG’s and/or anime