Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Did I need another camera, and more lenses? No. Was I even really looking for more? Not really. And yet here we are, with a deal that was too good to pass up. A Minolta X-1 (JDM version of the XK), an MC 50mm f2, an MC 28mm f2.5, and a Vivitar 70-220 f3.5 Macro. Supposedly good, even though it’s Vivitar. Made by Kiron apparently. All for $150. The big deal is the X-1, I’ve never seen one on eBay for less than $390 or so, or locally for less than $425. They’re usually $500-$600.

Oh yeah I got this MD 100 f2.5 a little while ago, and the guy I bought it from happens to be in a band I’ve been listening to for 10 also came with an XG 1 and an MD 50mm f2. The body is meh, but the lenses are good. Especially the 100mm. 


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