Gear Grinder

Few things on this list today

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1) Snowblower not snowblowing. New belt installed recently... no bueno. I think it may be an inch too long. Worked for a bit... but started slipping. Have new belts in hand. Will do some wrenching today.

2) Not snow related. Daytime running lights. At first glance, they are great. Make light in front of car for driver to see better. HOWEVER, why are they not turning on tail lights? I can’t tell you how many cars I see driving around with just their headlights on thinking they are visible. Dashboard is illuminated which makes them think their lights are on, and yes, they are on at the front of the vehicle, but rear is darker than my soul. WHY?


3) Back to snow - Travel ban. No matter what capabilities my car has - 4wd, snow tires, winch, crane, inflatable raft, shring ray... no one cares. TRAVEL BAN

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