"Gearhead" identity crisis - Part DCLXVI

I always had this frustration of “I’m not gearhead enough” or “I’m not a true gearhead”.

I like cars, my professional life is all car-related (OEM/Tier1/Consultancy) and I love my work (despite thinking that sometimes ignorance is bliss). I read about cars all day long (even not work-related), and I spend more time in classifieds looking at all those cars I won’t buy (I guess you can relate...). I even had my share of notable cars (76 Beetle, 2001 Twingo, 77 Chevrolet Opala), and I miss some of them.


But now I can’t be arsed to go to car events, even if Caffeine&Machine is just around the corner for me. I always think of the wildest ideas, like importing something from the US to the UK or buying something classic locally, but then I remember that I’ll have to give up time with the family, involve a lot of money, etc. and I really think that I really can’t be bothered.

House buying and improvements, save/invest money, travel, etc are all things that make me think about not spending too much time/money/energy on cars. (I might add that I’ve doing poor financial decisions in the last 10 years, cars are involved in most of them and I am still paying some debt)


FFS, I drive a Fit CVT because it saves me £100/mo over a Golf or Focus (car is on company scheme, pay monthly and have everything but fuel included)

It seems that all makes sense, but I don’t feel like a true gearhead (whatever it means), but all decisions towards being a car guy make me feel as I would not have peace of mind.


I just want to share these thoughts with Oppo. Thanks for the patience (if you reached here)

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