So, there I was browsing about the comments section of a Brazilian car site aimed at enthusiasts, not at all unlike Jalopnik, and people were discussing the perfect first car for a Gearhead, with suggestions ranging from brand new Camaros, to vintage 60's Mustangs to Honda NSXs, to V10 BMW M5s which they think is "probably cheap by now". I mean, sure why not, most people haven't even seen a Honda NSX in the flesh, it's the perfect first car! I mean, it's not like I don't understand where they're coming from, teenagers owning bonkers cars as their firsts aren't unheard of in the US and Europe and in movies, which often take this to the extreme, but not that bonkers or even that often. Seriously, some people just need a reality check...

Edit: Figured I'd post the entire list, just for shits and giggles.

-Chevette 1.6 ou Fusca 1.6 ou Puma 1.6 até Opala L6 2 portas ou Puma GTB/AMV ou Santa Matilde 4.1 ou Maverick GT V8 ou Dodge Charger~Dart V8 ou Mustang GT ou Camaro Z28;
-Monza 1.8~S/R ou Uno 1.6R ou Corsa GSi ou Vectra GSi ou Uno Turbo ou Eclipse GSX ou Civic VTi/CRX ou Gol GTS~GTi 2.0 8V~16V G1~3 até um Civic Si ou Golf/Audi Turbo 180cv manual;
- Toyota MR2 ou Mazda Miata ou Omega 3.0~4.1 ou BMW 325~8 ou Merdeces C280~320 ou Mustang GT até BMW M3 E36 Mercedes 190E 2.3~2.5 16V ou Mercedes C36 AMG ou Nissan 300ZX ou Toyota Supra Turbo ou Subaru SVX ou Mazda RX-7...Honda NSX...;
-Eclipse GS ou 3000 GT-VR4, Lancia Delta, Impreza WRX, Lacer Evolution até Audi RS2~6 ou Audi S2~6 ou Porsche 911 4S~Turbo...;
-Gol G6 1.6 2 portas ou Nissan March 1.6S 2 portas ou New Fiesta 1.6 manual até Golf GVII TSi~GTi ou Mercedes A200 Sport ou Mini Cooper S ou Audi A1 185cv ou A3 1.8 Sedan até Mercedes A45 AMG ou Golf VII R...o infinito e além...;
-BMW 118 Sport GP ou BMW 320 Sport GP ou Mercedes C200 Turbo Sport...Nissan 370Z...BMW M4...infinito...2x...outro lado do universo...Hennessey Venom

Yeah, I should've gotten a Venom GT as my first..