I am getting myself into a serious twist here... I probably will end up spending wayyy to much for this. With over 5 days left on the auction, this shift knob is up to 80 bucks... with 7 bids. Im dying to find one of these, and the first one in probably 8 months pops up, nearly brand new at that... Well i gotta pay to play...

What makes it special. Its Oem honda, from a type S prelude. Its nearly brand new. Its red stitched (very rare). And is not coming from some place overseas. and... itzjdmyo?!

Call me crazy to pay this much (or more) for a shift knob.. for a honda... but i dont stoop that low.

These here door sills/plates/guards regularly sell for anywhere between $400-500... used.


Its just a piece of aluminum you stick on to the existing part.... To me, thats nuts.

And speaking of nuts. These headlight covers (oem honda), recently came up for sale on a forum, and sold for over $500. I think they paid more because people were offering higher than the asking price...


So. Moral of the story... Buy all the oem add-on goodies for cars in production today. Wait til car is out of production.... Make MADDDD profit.

I may start doing this with the gt86/brz parts. that i forsee falling into this cash cow of a business.