So I read the Autoweek article about the Gen 2 NSX.

As a Gen 1 NSX fan, I should have loved it. It has pictures of the car being run where I live, final numbers, lots of pics, and it features a run up at Sonoma Raceway.

And car boner for this guy. My “car junk” sat flaccid because it’s hard for me to only focus on the car without wondering WTF Honda’s plan is.

Where’s the rest of the Acura line-up that this car is supposed to generate pull for? Acura in the US had 2nd gen Legends and Integras in the showroom when the NSX was released. Honda says that they have enthusiast oriented models in the pipeline but how long will those take?


The car in and of itself - looks like a livable car with tons of performance that is up to date in terms of technology. It might be a home-run of a car, but I can’t manage another sentence about the car because all I can think about is the price. We have a $155k NSX hitting the market by a company that is flabby in this category AND in enthusiast oriented lower price point categories.

Now, according to what tells me, both the original NSX price of ~$65k in 1991 and the ~$89k price of 2005 translate to ~$110k today; and the car only sold in real numbers for the first few years. Honda was the new kid in the segment - so that makes sense. A starting price of $155k sees the Gen 2 NSX competing against new and used alternatives from companies that are not attempting this kind of re-entry; so they’re the new kid yet again.


So big-picture - I get it. Re-enter F1. Release halo car. Put new enthusiast models in pipeline. I’d do the same things (but in a different order) if I was in charge. But Honda has to show commitment. If they had not lost momentum, this Gen 2 NSX (which would in fact be a Gen 4 at this point) may have some cachet. Some history. Some lineage. It would still be a Japanese car, but it may not been seen as such a leap for that price point. At this price, I hope history won’t repeat itself if the car does not hit projected sales numbers. As a fan of Honda, I hope they sell as many as they plan to - but I don’t think they will.