Gen2 gtx2867r fost install


Hey guys I did a big install this weekend. Replaced my stoc turbo with a gen 2 gtx2867r from atp. Came with new hoses and connections, essentially “bolt on.” The turbo install took maybe 8-9 hours with typical lolligagging. I think it would have been easier on my back rather than doing a squat the whole time under a lift(I’m 6'6"). I’m not tuned yet, just waiting for the base map from Justin at freektune. Car should make 350/350 vs 275/360, so a lot more linear when it’s done. And power to redline. I’ve installed water meth injection too and will get a separate tune for it, making probably another 35-40 horsepower and tq. I’ll report back once I have some updates.

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