Gender determined...

...and it will probably want something like this one day.

It’s a boy.

Not surprising, considering males in my family are broken and I told my wife that. She’s not as disappointed as I was expecting, but others were really pulling for a girl harder than even she was. Brother was 2 for 2, male cousins 4 for 5 (so 7 for 8 in the children of my generation, including my brother and I), father 3 for 4, uncle 2 for 3, grandfather 4 for 5, great grandfather 4 for 5, great great grandfather 4 for 5... I mean, would you guess girl with such bad odds?


I’ll try to raise him well so he wants something better like a Koenigsegg or McLaren, but I’m sure he’s not going to be the Lambo type.

4 months to go...

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