General Altimax Arctic: Winter Tire Oppo Review.

Holy! they are good. Talk about bang for your buck. I’ve had Blizzaks, I have Cooper Weather Masters on my Galant. And the Generals on my wife’s car as just as good has the Blizzaks at 2/3 the price, and leaps and bounds better than the Coppers, even tho they were only about 10 bucks more.

For reference on our car (tire size 185/60/15) the Blizzaks are 90 dollars per tire on Tirerack. I bought the Generals at Walmart and paid 67 per tire, they are 62 dollars on Tirerack.

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I haven’t had a chance to use them in anything more than 4-5” of snow but they’ve proven their worth in those conditions. They also grip like a mountain goat on ice. I actually enjoy driving the Fit in snow now. I can accelerate through a turn on snow! Something I couldn’t say when it was onthe OEM suggested Cooper CS3s which are absolutely a 3 season tire and we won’t be buying them again.

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