Mexican authorities completed the investigation into the incident involving a downed Embraer E190 passenger jet. It blames weather conditions, but it also lays a scathing criticism of the crew.

Illustration for article titled General Directorate of Civil Aviaiton finish report on AM2431

The cockpit was staffed by the Captain, the First Officer, and a trainee pilot. The trainee pilot had zero flight hours on the type, and was only licensed to pilot turboprop aircraft.


Regardless, the trainee took the FO’s chair and command of the aircraft during takeoff. The Captain only retook control of the aircraft five seconds prior impact.

The report also makes references to other omissions, like a power outage preventing a weather alert reaching Durango’s ATC and an understaffed tower. Several aircraft did not recieve the meteorological alert.

As such, AM2431 lifted off and gained an altitude of nine meters before a microburst took it down. The aircraft was written off but no deaths were reported.

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