Am I in reverse or backing up?

My father and I do a lot of grocery shopping. Instead of going once a week like normal (while, I should say most) families, we go virtually every day. We also drive a pretty nice and new Volvo S60. To keep her looking nice, we park in the back of the lot and walk. This is where we have noticed GM's biggest design flaw.

The keyless entry. When you hit any button on the key, the reverse lights turn on! Now, this is very frustrating. First, when looking for a spot, and we saw this earlier today, a man sat waiting for five minutes thinking they were exiting the spot. As a matter of fact, they locked the car and were already inside the store. But GM has the reverse lights stay on. So you do not know. Also, when walking, it is fun to stand and wait and wave an empty car to pull out for five minutes.

What was GM thinking? Our Volvo has a button on the key fob that has a light button. It turns on the headlights, tail lights and puddle lights. No reverse lights. There is most likely a reason for that. Of all the lights to have lit up, why reverse?


Such an elegant key (again, in my opinion). And pressing the light button turns on the lights you'd expect.


And it makes the headlights look like this! Wow!

And the tail lights illuminate like this. NOTICE: NO reverse lights come on!

Many people complain about this too. Forums have pages upon pages complaining about this.


So, what do you think? Are you a GM owner? Do you like having this option? Anyone else who doesn't own a GM like it? Do you wish your car had it? Let me know below!