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General questionnaire

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So this is mainly for my benefit but I wanted to get a sense of where people are at. I’m struggling with my family, friends and neighbors because I’m in the rule following camp but seems like I’m the only one who is. The general consensuses a firm “I’m tired of rules, it doesn’t seem to matter” which of course means my family is visiting each other, and planning vacations together and is generally ignoring the idea of social distancing. Not just them, but my whole neighborhood has kids pretty much back to regular play which of course makes me the bad guy for not letting mine. I’m certainly starting to get flak from all directions including my wife and I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only one. Our current state rules is groups no bigger than 20, masks in public, 6 feet, special rules for at risk groups (over 60, health conditions, etc).  Seems like pretty relaxed rules compared to some places but because we didn’t see a strong surge in cases people are under the impression that this much ado about nothing.  So where are you at?  What are your feelings about where you are at?  Hating it, and ready to give it all up?  


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