Welcome to Generation Gap where we ask you about your favorite generation of a certain multi-generational car nameplate. Then, explain why your choice is right to the rest of us uneducated folks.

After last week’s instance of RWD Volvo Wagons (or Estates as the British call them), I decided to continue the saga this week with the FWD Volvo Wagon version of Generation Gap! Today we go from the original FWD Volvo Wagon, the 850, all the way up to the most recent V60. Let’s review the options in between:

The options:

Volvo 850 [1991 - 1997]

First Generation Volvo V70 [1996 - 2000]

Second Generation Volvo V70 [2000 - 2007] (and facelift)


Third Generation Volvo V70 [2000 - Present] (and facelift)


Volvo V60 [2011 - Present] (and facelift)


Now, when making your decisions remember that most of these had a high performance variant: the 850 T-5R, two generations of V70R, and the Polestar V60. Vote below!