Generational Opponautics

My FIL is visiting. I have griped about him here previously, mainly his total lack of understanding of my Japanese car obsession. He is getting better; he regarded the Cressida politely, if without zeal.

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The T Bird is a different matter. He understands and appreciates that giant hunk of American steel. He is actually really good with cars, having spent a lot of his life restoring cars and boats. He told me that when he sells his current boat, he plans to take up restoring outboard motors as a hobby.

He is having s blast with his grandson and the T Bird, and it is cool to see them bond. They checked and topped off fluids, washed it, and used rubbing compound on it. It actually showed some shine in some places after decades of grime and oxidation came off.


You should have seen my son’s face when he saw that metallic green flake emerge from the dull green surface. He was so happy; the car might as well have been a million dollar McLaren. Do you remember that feeling to be young and love a car?

I am really glad I could give that to him, and to provide a language he and his grandpa can share.


In the picture above, they are backing out so my son can take his grandpa for a spin. I wish my dad was here for this kind of stuff, so the least I can do is live vicariously through the grandpa he still has.

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