This is my generator. Do you have one? Mine is about 9 years old and has only run for 19 hours total. I guess that makes me lucky. That would be a 2.1 hour per year average but realistically it’s more like one 12 hour use during a storm and the rest is just accumulated from running it for maintenance. I generally like to start it about 3 times a year and run it for about 15-20 minutes with about 1/3 load on the electrical circuit. I recently let it sit for over a year and the carb got screwed. Had to tear it off and clean it but luckily that was all it took. Got it purring like a (super loud screaming for attention) kitten just in case a hurricane smacked us here in NC. At our old home I had it ghetto back fed to the panel. Being older and wiser I will no longer do that but am struggling to justifying to pay the insane price that all the kit and labor to hook it to the house legally will cost considering my limited actual use. Truthfully I have a long list for an electrician so the bill would be really high but it would get lots of stuff done that I really want. Hopefully one of the houses for sale near me will be sold to an electrician and we become best friends and I get a serious discount. Here’s to wishful thinking!