Genesis doesn't have its #@&! together

On the surface, Genesis (and Kia with the Stinger) look to be doing the lord’s work by giving us proper luxury performance sedans with rwd, turbo engines, twin turbo V6’s ‘etc. But not all is right with them if you’re actually interested in buying one, specifically the G70. Their dealer network just barely exists.


The problems with Genesis and their sales network go back to when Hyundai first wanted to turn the brand into a stand alone luxury brand a few years back. They had grand visions for individual stores that catered to customers in contemporary settings with pickup for service etc. But none of that for the most part has happened yet. Hyundai had demands that many dealers couldn’t, or wouldn’t meet that have been described as not clear or an indecisive / back forth. Specifically the investment of separate stand alone Genesis showrooms. Dealers have seemed to be adamant against this since the brand’s inception a few years back. Many still haven’t made the investment needed to make the brand be taken seriously as a luxury automaker.

For instance, in a all of southern California, there are 2 stand alone Genesis specific dealers. Both are in the Palm Springs area, well outside the LA/Inland Empire basin. No one is going to drive 70-100 miles for a G70 when there are plenty of Mercedes,BMW and Lexus dealers nearby. Other than that there are Hyundai dealers where you can get Genesis vehicle from. There you can easily find a G80 sharing a showroom floor with a Sonata or Elantra. Not a good look to be honest.

2019 Genesis G90
Image: Genesis (

Hyundai itself has seemed to make the actual selling of Genesis cars confusing to the point of only allowing specific dealers to sell certain cars. Any Hyundai dealer can sell a G80. But if you want the S/7/A8 fighting G90, it, according to my research, can only be found through 325 specific dealers. To carry the bigger sedan, they have to have a separate Genesis showroom within the showroom of the main Hyundai dealer. What this means for the most part is the G90 is hard to find. And that if you want one, you pretty much have to go find one used, or go out of your way to get one. Moves like this can contribute to sales numbers that are less than stellar. The G90 only sold 2,240 in the US last year while competitors like the S Class sold just under 15,000.


Sales for the brad as a whole, are, honestly, trash. They sold a total of 10,312 vehicles last year. Jaguar sold more F-Pace’s last year. All of this adds up to a brand that doesn’t look like they have what it takes to take on the big luxury marques of the world. The last few years has been mostly them internally going back and forth with their dealers over the minutiae of who’s going to sell their vehicles. I don’t get why they are being so specific with who they want to sell the vehicles and where. None of their problems look to help sales. With their weirdly specific demands on what dealers can sell what vehicles and where, none of this will help them meet their sales target by 2022 if they don’t sort these things out in the next few years. With more models coming, they look to be jumping the gun. Hell, even a new G90 was released ( and it’s even better than the current model), albeit quietly, with no word on whether or not if the US will even be getting it.


So yes Genesis, you need to get your shit together if you want people to actually want to, you know, buy your cars.

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