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Genesis G70 reviews are coming in and I'm getting hyped

Driving.CA- The Germans can only wish they had as balanced a chassis as this new sport sedan


That means the steering, despite being electrically boosted, is as communicative as BMWs of yore. The chassis, shared with Kia’s similarly excellent Stinger, is super stiff, the perfect platform on which to build performance sedan. And the suspension is that magical combination of soft enough for bumps and tight enough for apexes that BMW used to have sole proprietorship of.”

Autotrader.CA- On the road, the G70 is the sort of rock-solid, perfectly composed sport sedan once produced only by the Bavarian MotorWorks. While the Genesis folks studiously avoided any mention of the Kia Stinger, the two cars share chassis and engine components – but the similarity ends there. The Stinger is longer, softer, and depending on trim levels, from 160-475 lb heavier. The Genesis, on the other hand, isn’t merely a contender, it’s a genuine driver’s car with taut, athletic, smile-inducing chassis that’s absolutely delightful to set upon a twisty road “ 



Things that can work against it:

  • Brand loyalty/snobbery whatever you call it aka “It’s still a Hyundai”
  • No one’s buying sedans, even sport sedans
  • Genesis (really Hyundai) dealership experience
  • No manual on the 3.3T
  • Resale value (Great if you end up picking one used tho)
  • Exterior styling, Small back seat (Not as bad as ATS), Pop-up screen

Also, The Reddit thread pretty much sums up everything that needs to be said about the Jalop-special 2.0T

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