This will likely be the last new Genesis model that you will be able to purchase at a Hyundai dealership. By 2019, when the GV80 midsize SUV is released alongside the third generation of the Genesis G80 (Hyundai Genesis Sedan), you will only be able to have warranty work done at dedicated Genesis dealerships.

Keep that in mind because you’ll be going from 835 Hyundai dealers which can sell the G80 right now, to what is likely the 352 dealers which choose to sell the G90 and I’m guessing this G70 sedan, to maybe less than 200 stores in the US that can honor your 10 year/100,000 mile warranty for a car brand that has only existed since December of 2015 and began selling its cars in the US in August of 2016. Where you buy may be very different and very far away from where you service.

I know that Im a broken record — those were like giant CDs back in the...oh, some of you guys won’t remember what a CD is anymore...let me try this again — I know I sound like Spotify (is that a thing?) set to repeat (does it have a widget for that?) but Genesis isnt Hyundai’s luxury brand, they are a luxury brand owned by Hyundai. This is more like Tata to Jaguar-Land Rover rather than Toyota to Lexus. Other than the currently shared styling and production in the Ulsan plant there isnt much else shared by the Hyundai cars and the Genesis cars.

But hey, Kia can probably help you out with repairs since they will continue to share platforms and powertrains with Genesis. However, since Kia doesn’t own any stake in Genesis that I know of, nor do they share anything else outside of parts...well that makes their relationship not even a partnership, not even roommates, just the next door neighbor that raids the fridge and leaves crumbs on the counter! Go home, Roger!!


I’m pretty neutral on Hyundai as a brand but I’m all in when it comes to Kia. The Kia to Hyundai relationship isnt Chevy to Buick, it’s (excuse the massive jump in prestige) Audi to Porsche. The sense of Hyundai-over-Kia hierarchy came from Hyundai wanting to make sure it was dominate over its former largest competitor. Imagine if GM bought Ford. That’s pretty much what happened in S. Korea, and I guarantee that you would still favor one automaker over the other. Crazy stuff, man!

Here is the link to the Imgur page. This is was the best shot out of the collection shared by DwellerMike on Reddit.