The reviews coming back from the Elantra Sport, i30, and Genesis G80 Sport seem to be proving that Hyundai has gone from the worse ride and handling in the industry to upper-mid pack. Huge leap forward! I love Motorgraph (mostly the editor really) when they subtitle their videos! The drive review starts at 6:00 and Kim compares the G80 Sport to his Hyundai Genesis Sedan at around 17:20.

I know most of you don’t watch Korean car reviews but Motorgraph is pretty hilarious in a semi-intentional way. Editor Kim is a lunatic but 100% honest in expressing his observations. How often do you see someone call the CEO of an exhaust tuning company in order to ask whether a car’s exhaust note is all engine or coming through the speakers? Plus the casual high speed and brake testing on public roads is terrifying! Love this stuff!!!