Apparently the Tau V8 now makes 430hp instead of 420hp when equipped to the RWD version of the Genesis G90. Sneaky sneaky...wait a second, the RWD version with the 365hp, 3.3T V6 is rated at an estimated 17/24 mpg! Woah, the AWD version with the V8 is rated at 16/24 mpg!! Dafaq is going on?!!

So let me get this straight, I can buy the 365hp, 3.3T in RWD form for $68,100. That’s the “base” model. For $1,600 I can option the V8 which all of a sudden makes 430hp and only lose 1 mpg in the city (which drops the average by 1 mpg). Or I can add the HTRAC AWD system to my Genesis G90 3.3T Premium and have zero impact on my estimated fuel economy for $2,500. Or I can add both a 420hp version of the V8 and the HTRAC AWD system to my RWD, V6 Genesis G90 for $4,100 and lose only 1 mpg from the city?

Granted, max torque doesn’t come in until 5,000 rpm with the V8 but I’m not understanding the marketing on this one, Genny. All of the models currently consist of the same feature content for the US so why are the 3.3T models “Premium” while the 5.0L models called “Ultimate?” Those are trim names and the only differences are the powertrain options which have completely negligible efficiency differences? Hell, both engines still don’t average over 22.5 mpg in order to avoid the Gas Guzzler Tax so why even offer both?! If the V6 isnt efficient then you should have either not offered it yet or put a lift kit on the G90 and called it an SUV in order to avoid the tax altogether!

Genesis, Genny...Gene, my friend, I understand you’re excited about being your own brand and having a new turbocharged V6 but let’s calm down. Here’s what we are going to do:


The 2017 Genesis G90 is the “Premium” trim because you don’t currently offer any features that can be combined into an “Ultimate” trim level. You’re going to drop one of these engines until you can either create more trim levels or tune them to be better separated. Here’s a hint, DROP THE V6! The 3.3T Genesis G90 really should be attempting to hit 21/29 mpg in RWD configuration and 20/27 mpg in AWD form for it to make any sense and to be remotely competitive. You aren’t supposed to downsize your engines in order to get the exact same fuel economy as the larger engine!

Introduce the 3.3T in the G80 Sport and upcoming G70 Sedan (we won’t mention the RWD Kia liftback that is going to have that engine). There is absolutely no reason to offer this engine in the G90 right now since it doesn’t even lower the cost or improve the efficiency. The EPA is giving you guys a polite note that says, “Pull the damn V6 from the G90!”

Get it together Genny, it’s f*cking game time!!