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And its called Genesis Spectrum. They call it a subscription, but its really an all inclusive lease. Available on all 3 Genesis models, it differs from, say Care by Volvo in that it is pretty much a lease with included insurance through Met Life Auto & Home.Full coverage is provided with a $500 deductible. It also includes complementary maintenance which is covered for 3 years/36,000 miles. You can also only choose from a 36 month lease term. Genesis chief Erwin Raphael stated that the program is intended to make car shopping easier by “eliminating the need to secure insurance separately.” Ok? That one thing doesn’t make car buying any easier really.


Keep in mind you can only get a 36 month lease term on whichever model you choose. I also couldn’t find info as to whether you can only get a specific trim either:

  • G70 starts at $489/month with $2699 down
  • G80 starts at $569/month with $3,999 down
  • G90 starts at $909/month with $5,499 down

Also keep in mind these prices don’t included taxes and registration fees. The prices are way cheaper than what Volvo is offering on the compact XC40 and Midsize S60 so there is that. The catch is that Care is more like a superscription in that there is no down payment. The other catch? Right now, I don’t know if its testing before expansion or what, but the program is only available at 45 Genesis dealers (aka Hyundai dealers) in Florida unfortunately. No word yet or whether or not this will be rolled out across country. But its good in that they are testing the waters to see if it works. Especially considering these “subscriptions” haven’t really caught on yet, and Cadillac dropped its subscription service a few months back after few customers bit.


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