GENEVA 2017: We're getting serious now

First off: the Aston Martin V8 Vantage AMR-Pro. Based on last year’s GTE winner and powered by a 500-hp V8, it is the final form of ye olde Vantage V8. Yes, that hood and wing came from the GTE race car.


It forms part of the 2-car line revealed by the new AMR performance arm of Aston’s Q-branch, and they tuned the Rapide, too. Eh. Not a wagon. Otherwise, AMR will be Gaydon’s AMG.

Up next: the Porsche 991 GT3.

Now it’s got the 4-liter sixpack from the RS car, and it’s MANUAL BABY!!! The biggest kicker here is if the options list had a rear wing delete. It’s also got a new Cup front end. Which works fine, I guess, but it’s not kawaii.


Like I said, supercar heaven.

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