Now that title is going to confuse you because I never told you she went away, but hang on...

Okay, so last month, dumb ass me was driving my new K900 along near my house at night on a road I’ve traveled for 17 years, and I drifted a little too far left in my lane at the intersection of Peavy and Ferguson. Now, in most civilized countries left turn lanes are demarcated by a painted line, or maybe a rumble strip. but in East Dallas, we get a line of these (I call them turtles).

Well, I hit them with my driver’s side wheels at just the right angle to blow out both my tires and gouge my wheels, kinda like the Titanic glanced off that ice berg for maximum damage. So great, just lost two tires and damaged chrome rims.

But wait, there’s more! I also ran the damn thing up on the curb and scraped the undercarriage and diffuser. Initially, I just replied the tires, but then I learned that the engine cradle, one control arm, and the bumper are damaged. So, I filed a claim and got everything replaced, including the rims.

So, the tire problem? After I got the tires replaced, I noticed a hum in them akin what you hear when you drive over grooved pavement. I could feel it through the steering wheel too. I thought getting new wheels might fix that (maybe it was a bearing issue?). However, it’s still there, even with everything fixed. So, it must be the tires.


I’ve never experienced this from new tires. Will it go away with wear? What does Oppo think? These are Hanook Optimas.