So almost 2 weeks ago, I crashed my drone. Today I finished troubleshooting, recalibrating, and testing my rebuild. Test flight complete!

Total teardown time: about 3 hours (including motor dismount).

Bork bork bork

GPS, main PCB, and front sensors out; camera and gimbal and still in.


Everything out but the motors, new chassis ready to go.

Motor swapping with the help of my awesome neighbor.


Powered up, systems testing.

Back in business, test flights complete!

In all, about 7 hours’ work, for a first-timer who knows his way around electronics a bit, but had never taken a drone apart before. The new OEM chassis came pre-wired for the motors and battery connection, which is HUGELY helpful, but getting the camera and gimbal back in was a real bitch, as was all the silicone glue they drop in there. In all, I cannot recommend breaking the arm on your drone. But if you do, and you can get the parts, I definitely would go the DIY repair route, as long as it’s not too far gone.