Gents, we need to talk...

I recently read an article stating that a man buys his own underwear for about 17 years of his life.

“ The rest of the time it falls to their mothers, and later to their wives or girlfriends, the survey found.”


I immediately realized that I fell into that sad category of men who blindly accept the underwear given to them with no thought. The clarity hit me. How did I never question this? When was the last time I got new boxers? That’s it, these budget underwear are the blight of man.

Gentlemen, why are you letting others dictate what you place around your precious genitalia? This is completely unacceptable, especially considering your mother or wife does not know the dynamics of comfy men’s underwear. Humidity, support, range of motion, and design must be experienced. Stop settling for whatever and choose for yourself. Make the choice. You’re a man and you should have the best for your genitals, not some bulk Walmart Spongebob 29-pack Cotton Penis Mitts.


I type this from the cockpit of my synthetic compression boxer shorts that I chose after many test-drives of different brands & styles. Ball sweat is down 40% due to the synthetic nugget-cooling technology. I can tuck it up in to the waistband, curve it down like a baby elephant, or when I’m having a big dick day I let it down one of the legs.

What matters most is you do your research and find your glass slipper. You wont regret it. Here’s to 17 years of having a choice.

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