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Geo Metro 3-axle wagon!?!?!?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed with the ingenuity/vision/execution/hubris of the entire concept. It looks like he knew exactly what he wanted, and did it. It relatively clean, even down to the rivets (or screws?) holding the rear, uh, bed in place. Hell, he even rerouted the fuel tank filler. It appears to be wired well enough to support an ancient microwave and has enough room to move around like a submariners bunk.

Is that a winch on the rear window? Does it pull the blinds up and down, or is it to close the rear hatch? He has a club for his steering wheel and is $3,000 for this thing. He really thinks he has a custom gem here. Renton is shitty, but those who steal cars in Renton aren’t going to be looking for this sort of, uh, style.

What scares me is he has a trailer hitch with a ball AND trailer lights.... What the hell is/was he towing with all that extra weight with a 3-banger moter???

One downside, it’s going to cost substantially more to take on a ferry with three axles.

I wonder how bad it understeers. That is if it can get up to a high enough speed for understeer to be possible.


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