German Knorr sauce packets

I thought only Americans did that shit, using sauce/powder packets like this to cook convenience food/dinner. Four packets for $7.50 plus $4 shipping, so a little under $3 each

After searching for food and spices on ebay and Amazon, I came across these two Knorr flavors and many more: Paprika Rahm Schnitzel and Gulasch Zigeuner Art. The latter seems like a good way to make beef goulash easy, and I was able to find an English translation of the writing on the package for it, but not for the other one.


I also found Hungarian paprika for a good price, $5-10 including shipping from Hungary, and claims to be PDO as well. But I am aware of eBay’s counterfeit culture

So has anybody on here had either of these and imported them to the US? Or someone from Europe made this at home, that would work too.


What was your weird convenience cooking find on either site?

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