If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


Four adult males, a company car, 260 kilometers of German Autobahn to conquer and all expenses are covered by the company. Who wants to drive?

Person A: - "Meh!"

Person B: - "No!"

Person C: - "Hmmm, not really"

Person D: - "Well, shit. Someone has to do it, I guess..."

I do acknowlegde that the car is partly to blame for this lack of motivation. It's a current base model Opel Corsa. Still, you can push it to over 180kph (over 110mph).


They seem to be very successful by the way because Corsas are everywhere.

Yet, we had to travel all week and will do it again tomorrow. A better car would have to be really interesting (speak: fast and/or cool) to find volunteers after everyone had a test drive in it.

So Oppo, here is the horrible truth: Actually using the Autobahn isn't that interesting in real life.

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