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Four adult males, a company car, 260 kilometers of German Autobahn to conquer and all expenses are covered by the company. Who wants to drive?

Person A: - "Meh!"

Person B: - "No!"

Person C: - "Hmmm, not really"

Person D: - "Well, shit. Someone has to do it, I guess..."

I do acknowlegde that the car is partly to blame for this lack of motivation. It's a current base model Opel Corsa. Still, you can push it to over 180kph (over 110mph).

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They seem to be very successful by the way because Corsas are everywhere.

Yet, we had to travel all week and will do it again tomorrow. A better car would have to be really interesting (speak: fast and/or cool) to find volunteers after everyone had a test drive in it.


So Oppo, here is the horrible truth: Actually using the Autobahn isn't that interesting in real life.

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