Lockheed jet was considered too expensive, by the Grand Coalition member SPD, according to rumors. France also feared that a a large F35 purchase, by Germany would hinder the European FCAS program that recently was joined by Spain. France is unpleased with Belgium picking the F35, saying that the Belgians acted against European interest.


The Germans now have to choose between ordering up to 45 F18 SH’s or Growler warplanes or replace the whole 75 Panavia Tornados with Eurofighter Typhoons. Buying F18s would still leave 30 old Tornados, the German air force would still have around. They can either try to squeeze every drop of life of those Tornados, until 2040, when the FCAS is projected to enter service.

Or order a whole bunch of new Typhoons(more than 50 to replace both the remaining Tornados and the older, Tranche 1 Typhoons.

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