Edit: Not going with the Flowmaster! That leaves FRPP, MBRP and FSWerks.

Idea is simple: Choose you favorite sound!

With the ST getting even closer to my driveway, it's time to think about future mods! The only thing I have planned for the future or right away is replacing the "econobox-sounding" exhaust note with a more sporty, aggressive sound from a cat-back. I'm gonna put sound clips of each exhaust I'm deciding between and maybe you all can give me your opinions on each one?

This is the kind of sound I'm looking for:

1. Louder than stock, but not so obnoxiously loud. Just loud enough to turn heads

2. I like a metallic sound

3. One that gives off that old car sound(closest?)

4. The least Ricer or Ricey-like of them all

5. more Turbo whine and less blow-off(I think that's what it is?)

Which of these exhausts do you think matches or comes close to the sound I'm looking for best?



FRPP(Ford Racing)

MBRP(Just the regular 3")


Any opinions or thoughts would be appreciated.