Harbor Freight added this gem to their catalog a few weeks ago. On a tool forum I frequent, there’s a big discussion thread going on about how this jack is nearly identical to the Snap-On FJ300 jack.

Fast-forward to today, now Snap-On is suing Harbor Freight for patent infringement and unfair competition for selling basically the same jack at less than 1/3rd the price. They’re demanding that HF pull them from their shelves. So obviously I had to pick one up before that happens. Just a heads-up for Opponauts who are in need of a really good floor jack at a ridiculously low price.

BTW, this jack has zerk grease fittings, is fully rebuildable with parts schematic included, and is very easy to modulate lowering the car. No twitchy “all or nothing” pressure release.

EDIT: I forgot to add, unlike the cheaper HF jacks (which are still an amazing bargain), this one uses a spring detent to secure both halves of the handle together, and another VERY beefy spring detent that holds the handle in place. Makes it very easy to take the handle off and break it down for storage.