get free bed from craigslist, meet a rally car

we acquired a new bed frame

but clearly it was WAY too low, and I needed some box springs. my buddy hit up craigslist free section, and shortly after we had plans to meet up a random murdered craigslister


the random craigslister messaged:

and with that I assumed I was going to definitely get lost, possibly in the woods, always a risk of dying when you’re meeting a random craigslister. so carry on!

the pavement ended, and we were suddenly in the woods, hello wildlife

oh look, RIGHT THERE by the side of the road
gah! we’ve been seen!

but it’s just a gravel road, I’m SURE it’ll be fine...


...err, I’m sure it’ll be fine at this time of year. carry on!

ok, things were getting steeper, but still not bad, until...


...well, my CR-V is AWD, we’ll be fine! CARRY ON!

As we drove, my friend and I were making guesses as to what someone who lives up a steep 2 mile dirt road with cautions about winter weather would drive. We guessed jeep.


I was happy to see in his driveway a pair of happy little Imprezas, a 2.5RS and an L with RS wheels. So I commented as such to him “we were guessing you’d have a jeep, I’m happy to see a couple of GC8s”. To which he replied “You like subarus, I have something to show you”

After loading up some free bed parts into the CR-V (ALMOST fits)


Then random craigslister guy took me around the side of his house and there in his trailer was his winning rally car. So fun! And that’s how I met Racer Dave and his car, and how we now own his old box springs supporting our bed

Image: RacerDave (RacerDave)

We didnt believe him when he said he didnt have a known time for his ~2mile dirt driveway, look at it.

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