September Sojurn 2014, Where To Go & What To Drive...

Repost for the nighttime crowd.

This time last year I was planning my September mission for Ford's "Fiesta Movement". I had the Fiesta ST, a gas card and my only responsibility was to create a piece of content somehow related to "style". I interpreted this as Pacific Northwest lifestyle and the result was this piece of content below.

Now while I felt the trip was a success(caught my first fish) I also felt a-lot of meat had been left on the proverbial bone. Though I'm no stranger to Oregon, Idaho and Northern California, there's a ton of exploring still to be done.


Used to be I looked at places with my snowboard/skateboard eyes. While I'm still very active in both disciplines they're not what could potentially pay the bills anymore.

With the help of years spent on the road traveling from mountain to mountain and skate spot to skate spot, I've developed a pretty good set of driver's eyes if I do say so myself. Now that I've somehow found myself in a position where automakers will lend me cars, I'm always itching to get out there and put those eyes to good use.

The map up above is the tentative route for this year's September Sojurn. I'll be stopping by to see old friends, hopefully making some new ones and definitely driving some phenomenal new roads.

If you live along any of the routes drop me a line, maybe we can link up for a drive, a beer or to just shoot the breeze. Planned overnight stops are Truckee,CA, Boise, ID, Lewiston, ID, Portland, OR, Klamath Falls, OR and San Francisco. 5 nights, 6 days, 2,733 miles. The aggressive time frame is due to the scheduling of the vehicle which I will be using for this adventure.


Ah yes, the mystery chariot. I could tell you what I'm going to be finding new roads in, but I think it's more fun to hold back that information for at least a couple of days. What I will say is that few people would choose to take it on such a trip and that's exactly why I want to do it.

I'll give you a hint, it's got 4 wheels and it's powered by two of them. Could be front, could be rear, hard tellin not knowin.



*Alternate route added. Kind looks like a bad ass race track when you zoomed out.


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