What do you do on a Sunday morning with a family of 5 and a bunch of electronic devices? You film something random, and ideally car related. So get out there and make some movie magic!

Our film today was inspired after attending a Relay for Life event where we ended up “winning” 2 goldfish. We were there late into the evening and the next morning it occurred to us, the goldfish weren’t going to make it if we didn’t get them into a more permanent home and get them some food. I didn’t tell the kids that they stood a fairly poor chance of making it through the week regardless of where they lived, but that’s not important right now.

So our morning quest was to SAVE THE GOLDFISH! We decided to make it into a car film and see how well the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude Edition does at saving fish. I tossed in some “how to” and suggestions to make your own movie magic following the video. Enjoy!

This was (obviously) filmed fairly quickly by a 10 year old using an iPad Mini (you can see my son’s case/cover passing in front of the lens occasionally, along with his devil-may-care camera angles) and me using an iPhone 5. It’s amazing how easy it is to shoot HD level video with your mobile device, something that would have been very expensive several years ago. Shot set up and scenes were done on the fly, we filmed a few takes of the kids saying “we need to save the goldfish” before we left, but, well, they weren’t great. haha

Editing was done via iMovie which should be free for most Apple computer owning folks. It’s pretty easy to use, toss in some titles and transitions, import some music, YouTube it, done. I use the YouTube Audio Library, it’s royalty free and pretty easy to find what you’re looking for. YouTube has some incredibly complex software that lets it know if a copyrighted track is used in your video. I went for something dramatic, then something a little goofy, and then a resolution/finale track. Real easy to download and insert via iMovie.

As far doing a “video review” you can do a voice-over as you film, but be warned that the audio can be muddled unless you have a mic plugged in to your device so at least make sure the internal mic is facing you when you speak. Or you can also record a voice-over later and insert it, something that is pretty simple to do with various free audio recording apps. I went the even-super-simpler route and tossed in some title text in various places to get the point across about how well the new Jeep “helped” save the fish.


So grab your phone, tablet, GoPro, etc. and get out there and film something, it’s not hard, it’s a lot of fun, and the whole family can do it.

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