OK, the 'stepped nose' was one thing, but...... a dick nose??!!

Are they just doing this to us for fun now?! Will the nose stand up when presented with a grid girl, or a Porsche 917K's rear end?

Or is it the result of proposed changes to the aero regulations being compromised by the teams not wanting to change what they do? Because if that's the way it is then it's still a load of shit.

To clarify/explain, the FIA specify that the nose must drop to the height shown in the diagram, but they only specify as such across a narrow section of the nose. Because the teams still want high noses to get air they can control under the car and also to pass crash tests - because somehow that makes a difference - many of the top teams will only be meeting the regulations across the section specified, giving their cars anteater noses like this.

That will take a lot more getting used to than the stepped nose...

From the Autosport article above:

Red Bull design chief Adrian Newey and McLaren sporting director Sam Michael have admitted that the 2014 cars are likely to be "ugly" due to the front impact structure.

"The low nose is not a problem," Michael explained, "The problem is the vagaries in the way you get through the crash test - and the teams will mostly be going down one solution. It is not because of the chassis height."


So this is quite possibly what we'll see on the RB10, MP4-28 and F14 or whatever Ferrari call the next one. Great...

After the platypus nose of 2012 and the anteater nose of 2014, we'll probably see another animal donating its nose design to F1 aero regs in 2016 to make sure fans are never quiet. Maybe one of these? Probable not the Unicornfish as that would be deemed unsafe.