So I’m sure this has been done to death, but it’s the first time I’VE done it, so I hope that’s cool.

I have a tuned MK6 GTI that’s closing in on 60k miles. I got a great new job a few months back, and have some money in the bank, and I’m looking for a new car. I’d prefer new, or used with less than ~20k miles; still under factory warranty is preferred. Budget is in the mid-high $20s.

I think I’ll likely end up with a new GTI and have some fun with that. I’d love a new R, but it’s a bit outside of my budget right now. I’ve been shopping 1 series, but haven’t had any actual seat time in one. Toyobaru twins seem great, but I love the torquiness of my GTI and I feel like I’d lose that.

Advise me, Oppo!