It’s been a pretty great week. We had a bunch of new listeners and subscribers. So for those of you whom always listen, Thanks! We have been steadily increasing in listens all year this year.

We just returned from our little hiatus( the drop in listeners there near is hiatus weeks).

That download chart is from the beginning of the year to the day I publishing this.(doesn’t include stuff like those who listen in browser and thru the podomatic app, but that’s not a lot of people). We had Doug Demuro on, and he was great and I think he helped pull in a lot of new listeners.

So here’s a little bit of background those for those of you who are new, and for those of you listened since the beginning maybe some stuff you didn’t know.


So first I’m Ike, I work with Proc on the show. Proc is the A/V guy; if an episode sounds good, that’s because of Proc; if it sounds like shit that’s my fault. I handle the Twitter, Facebook, and Oppositelock postings, mainly cause I would be on here anyway.

What’s really funny about that is Proc is a much much much better writter then myself. I’m mostly the guy who lives and breathes car news and info, Proc can take a car apart and put it back together.


We live and work out of the Washington DC area; well we record out of Annapolis and work in DC for the day jobs. Proc is from New Jersey and I’m from the Chicago Suburb’s. We have been podcasting for a little over a year, and have recently started a second podcast channel. We started this kinda of a just for fun thing and it has turned into a bigger thing quicker then we thought. We have had such great guest, Jason Torchinsky, Bob Lutz, Steve Letho. (Yeah Jalopnik writers are like Pokemon I want to interview them all).

We are so appreciative of all the folks here on Oppositelock for spreading the word and the listeners who came from here, you guys are really the base of things. I used to joke that we were the “Unofficial Podcast of Oppositelock” but it’s really been a good way for us to operate, we have gotten some of our best leads on guest from Oppo by simply asking who you would like us to interview. We are getting to a point where if trends continue we might be able to get advertising and make money! A almost unheard of thing for about 99% of podcast out there. We are really grateful for that.


So I’m sorry I rambled on a bit there, so the point of this post is so we can explain ourselves to new & old listeners, let everyone ask questions of us that wouldn’t fit on Twitter, and so I can give you a list of a few episodes that will give you a feel for how our podcast is week in and week out.


Ok we will start with a Steve Letho episode…


Episode 45 - People Are Crazy...And Crazy People Listen To Us

This episode is one of my personal favorites because it has a few things I love about our show that I think makes us unique.


In the preshow interview Steve, Proc and I had a discussion that basically went like “Do you have any thing you were planning on talking about Steve?”

“No not really”

“we don’t either...”

“Let’s us wing it!”

It went great! Steve was one of the first guest we had on the show, I was supper excited to get as I put it to Proc “some one is coming on the show, AND HE WROTE A BOOK! Ah! So excited!” We owe Steve Letho a lot, we kinda cut our teeth on how to get guest and get them to be on the show. So thanks Steve! (Proc still calls your Mr. Letho and I think that’s adorable).


Jason Torchinsky episode 44…


So excited to get Jason on, he (along with Doug) are my 2 favorite writers on Jalopnik. His articles are very much along the lines of our show, nerdy, silly and maybe you’ll learn something. It was a blast to have him on the show! One day when he and I get sent to the automobile insane asylum we will fun together.

This episode is a big one for us as well we we talk to our first executive in the automotive world. The discussions are great, we ask him to bring a UTE to the USA so that went well...


Episode 36 - James Bell from GM Talks Corvettes and Cadillacs

Episode 8…

this is the episode where I know we are doing something that I think people will want to listen too, it’s just Proc and I but damn it I think it’s so funny and good.


I don’t think you should take it as a slight if you don’t see your name up there on the list some of my favorite episode are the ones not listed.

My favorite Elise’s are the ones with people in the community (big bossy boss, hoonable, formula freak, all the call in’s we would have in early episodes). We want to be the platform that helps launch others into orbit. We joke and dick around a lot, at the end of the day we love to entertain, and we want to help everybody who is working on their own dreams.


With that said, Thanks again! Do you have any questions, or comments


Don’t forget about OppoMeet 2016 dates will get voted on soon, please sign up if you maybe interested in it (Doug Demuro is on the maybe list... You might get to see some skyline or hummer action)