I was looking at some auto-related YouTube videos last night when I came across a clip about a company selling refurbished military equipment for cheap. Who wants an awesome zombie apocalypse backup vehicle for $12,500?!?!

Planbsupply.com is a company that kind of plays to "prepper" fears, kind of doesn't. In addition to selling Deuce-and-a-halfs, the website itself also hocks some dehydrated food canisters and tents that will come in handy when the inevitable nuclear holocaust/Ebola outbreak/[enter your favorite scenario for the fall of mankind] occurs. But if you can ignore the small button that forwards you to that link, you can enjoy realistically thinking about driving down the highway in your own military convoy of one.


Shucking the paranoia aside, the site has some pretty good offers. The aforementioned 6x6 fifth wheel tractor (not really a TRACTOR tractor) for $12,500, 6x6 cargo flat bed troop carriers for $13,500, and even an 8x8 fifth wheel Mad Max-esque semi for $42,500. But my favorite is their 6x6 expandable box command center for $18,500:

Add some air conditioning to the cab and the rear box and BOOM mobile apocalypse bunker, perfect for the family on the go. Realistically, it would be great for camping, hunting, or just a cool "conversation-starter" RV. This is the recreational vehicle for the person who wants to show the guy in the socks and sandals driving the Winnebago what a real badass travels in. The kind of badass that has a bowl of bourbon and a side of bacon for breakfast.


If the below video is accurate, the company sells the vehicles only after the military spends a metric shit ton of money putting in new engines and Allison transmissions. Some of the refurb jobs appear to be a couple of years old, but I believe we call those "break-in miles" here. The possibilities are just about endless on what you could do to the semi-blank slates up for sale.

Would you like your 6x6 in the off-road, camper, or alien invasion bug out variety?