Update: Sorry guys, I got a new job and lost the ability to run builds. Thanks for everything guys! Good luck with your GM vehicles!

Ok, so this was brought up within the last week. Someone was looking into a car and was wanting to know what option codes were on the car. Well, I decided I’d offer up my services to the Oppo blog. Do you have a car that you’re interested in, or a car that you own, or your neighbor’s car (you creepy neighbors know who you are) that you want to know what options are on the car? If so, please post the VIN in the reply. I will (at my earliest convenience, as I am currently working) post a copy of the build sheet as a reply for you.

The only stipulations: The car must be a GM Vehicle, I must have the whole VIN or at least the last 8 and know what the car is, and finally the vehicle MUST be at least a 2001 to get any info on the build. I can’t promise that all of the 2001’s will have build sheets but I have been able to pull up a few.

So, what are you waiting for, post some VIN’s!!!