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Get your Marty McFly on...

Pretty pristine-looking DeLorean for sale in San Jose currently, only 20k miles. Seems like a unicorn, and the listing is worth a re-post up here on Jalop/Oppositelock. The description follows...

Friends and Car Enthusiasts,

Please share this post far and wide with anyone who might be interested in owning this very, very special classic car.


I have made the very difficult decision to part with my DeLorean. That’s right: DeLorean!

Those who know me know how tough this decision has been for me because I have wanted to own a DeLorean for as long as I can remember; and, in 2011, when I achieved that dream, I was on top of the world. I have now owned the car for over 5 years, and I have had a lot of fun with it. I cared for it meticulously, and it remains in near-show-quality condition with a perfect bill of health. But… alas, I find myself needing to find a new owner that will love it as much as I have; simply because I need to use the money I have in it for other important things—most notably, raising children.


I hate to part with this car not only because it has been my most prized possession, but also because it is hard for me to pass on responsibility for its care. Owning this car is an act of stewardship because it is a very rare piece of history and culture. There are less than 3500 all original DMC12’s left in the world that are in running condition, and not only does this one run like the day it rolled off the lot, but it is in beautiful condition, with low mileage.

And now, if you are ready to own it with pride and care for it with love, it can be yours…


For your consideration:

Make: DeLorean

Model: DMC12 2-door gull-wing Coupe

Year: 1981

Odometer Reading (9/19/16): 20,278.4 Miles

Condition: Great

Technical Specs:

-Engine: Rear-mounted, 6-cylinder PRV6 Renault

-Power: 130HP, top speed ~130 mph

-Transmission: Manual, 5 gear, 3.44:1 gear ratio.

-Gas mileage: ~25mpg highway


Iconic gull-wing doors, all brushed stainless steel body panels (no paint), die cast wheels, all leather interior, original working radio with cassette tape deck, A/C, working power windows, door locks, and side mirrors. Factory options include grey leather interior and black door stripes—the exact options of the DeLorean seen in “Back to the Future”. Very, very clean.


The famed British automobile company, Lotus, known for its nimble and fast sports cars did most of the engineering on the DeLorean, and, as a result, the car is low to the ground with an incredible suspension that creates a tight, quick, maneuverable feel; even on a 35 year old car! The design is sleek, with a subtle, muscular flare on the rear wheel well that makes it look very sporty—no wonder, since the exterior was designed by none other than the Italian Giugiaro Design Company. The previous owner also outfitted this car with a hidden power cut-off switch which saves the battery life during periods of disuse—a very handy feature for both security and for a classic car that may not get driven often.

VIN # SCEDT26T0BD006467, this car was manufactured in November of 1981, late in the run of the first model year. This means that this car is one of the prized older model year DeLoreans, but, because it was late in the year, it also benefited from many small improvements made throughout the run, like little leather straps added to the internal door handles, which made it easier for folks under 6 feet tall to reach up and close its iconic gull-wing doors.


This DeLorean was assembled in the original DeLorean Motor Company factory, in Dunmurry, Ireland, near Belfast. Only about 9000 DeLoreans were made, for Model years 1981, 1982, and 1983, before the DeLorean Motor Company closed up shop in 1983. As stated above, estimates put the number of remaining Deloreans at around 6000, with only 3500 or less still running. Many fewer than that are in kind shape. To give some reference as to the rarity of this car, consider that, according to a 2013 report on, since its founding in 1963, Lamborghini, a car you might consider “rare”, has produced approximately 28,000 cars. Other fancy cars that are collected, like Corvettes, have been produced in numbers well over a million. Owning a DeLorean is a celebrity experience! Get ready for lots of waves and thumbs up!

Probably needless to say to the right perspective buyer, this car also has immense value as a piece of pop-culture Americana. Even for those who don’t know or appreciate classic cars, seeing the “time machine” from the 1985 cult classic hit movie, “Back to the Future” (and subsequent sequels) is a thrill! I still get a kick out of just watching people do double-takes at it, let alone all the people of every age group who want to get a picture with it. We did “Car Week” in Carmel, several 4th of July Parades, and other special events, but, heck, I have still never taken it out once without at least one person noticing it as special.


I am only the 4th owner of this car, and it has been garaged and babied its whole life. The result is plane to see. It has staggeringly low mileage at only just over 20,000, and everything on it is original except for a starter motor that was replaced in 2012, and a gas strut on the driver’s side door. Even the engine bay has original dealer stickers, as well as the very rare original plastic coolant tank (most were replaced with metal tanks). Even all the glass on the car is original DeLorean glass. The clever vanity plate that the car wears reads: “MCFLYYN” (pronounce: “Mc-Fly-in”)—a reference to Marty McFly, the main character in “Back to the Future” “flyin’” around in his DeLorean time machine.

It is astonishing that a car this old runs so well, and it is a testament to the care it has received in its life. Every time I turn the power on, she starts right up and runs very smoothly. The only major repair done while I have owned it is the replacement of the starter motor. As you might imagine, and because it is true of any classic, collectable car (especially one that is closing in on its 40th birthday), there are some minor aesthetic issues that one might want to correct—especially if you plan to show the car or compete in classic car events. Although, even as-is, this car has placed in events, usually in the category of uniqueness. Some things that you may seek to repair include: A weak gas strut on the driver’s side, making the door sag, a crack in the dash cowling (covered by a dash carpet anyway), a slight sag in the ceiling liner, some dry/cracking rubber door/window seals, and a malfunctioning lock on the engine bay latch. These repairs would be less than minor in the scheme of classic car ownership, and are not necessary to have a great deal of fun!


Worried about how to service such a rare, unique car? Don’t be. The DeLorean One Company and the new DeLorean Motor Company both have locations in California and also do business online; and they sell all the parts as well as do servicing, refurbishing, maintenance, and repair. I also have a recommendation for a very good mechanic who does DeLoreans in Fremont California too. Not in the area? Fine. The new DeLorean Motor Company has several more locations throughout the country and in Europe. Also, many reputable Lotus dealers have some experience working on DeLoreans, since the guts of the DMC12, are lotus engineered. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you will be overjoyed to also receive the complete technical manual as well as 11 3-inch 3-ring binders full of articles, forum discussions, technical writings, and press information on the DeLorean, all in alphabetical order. I will also be including the DeLorean One Workshop Manual, Service and Technical Bulletins, and Parts Catalogue.

But… you really shouldn’t need service for a while! Everything is working great! The car successfully passed emissions check in April of this year, and is ready for SERIOUS buyers to take a spin. Please send me a private message if you are interested in seeing or test driving the car. You would be well prepared to buy this car if you have about 30 thousand dollars to spend, but we will negotiate price at time of sale. A quick search of DeLoreans for sale on the private market will assure you that this is a competitive price for a DMC12 in this condition—they are going for anywhere from about 23,000 to sometimes higher than 70,000 if they are in concourse shape.


Thank you for sharing widely to help me find a loving home for my very special car. If only I had installed a flux capacitor so that I could go back in time to before I had so many adult expenses to worry about, you wouldn’t have a chance at this awesome ride, but, as I am stuck here in the present, you could be looking at a very bright future!!

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