Gettin' JACKED

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Yesterday came the highly-anticipated arrival of my Harbor Freight jack. I ordered this on Monday, March 30th. I am fine with the timing, because COVID I’m sure, but I would have used it several times by now, so I’m psyched to get it into action for the coming brake jobs on both our cars. Yes, somehow, my wife’s 2015 Mini wore through its rear brake pads in just 45,000 miles - and it’s not her, I can tell you that. She went 140,000 miles on the original brakes on her 2005 Volvo S40, and even at that mileage they weren’t unsafe, just “due.” Our 2012 XC70 has around 122,000 miles; I’m almost certain these aren’t the original brakes, but in any case they’re looking quite worn.


Whatever, brakes are easy. And with this thing, I should be able to get the Mini up NO problem whatsoever. More importantly, I’ll be able to lift the Volvo adequately without using wood blocks (yikes). I regret not buying two larger jack stands; somehow I only have one. I can still lift a car safely, but I’ll keep an eye out for the inevitable sales that will be coming. 

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