So, back when I was in Moab for the EJS, I managed to break one of the leaves on my back left corner. I'd been planning on upgrading my suspension for a while, so I took the opportunity and ordered some parts.

OF COURSE they were on backorder, so now, a month later, I'm finally getting things installed.

Pictured here are the 2.5" FOX Factory Remote Resevoir adjustable coilovers with Eibach springs. Compared to the Toytec coils I've got on right now, which are just Bilstein shocks with an adjustable collar, I'm hoping these make for a way better ride. Combined with upgrading to uni-ball Upper Control Arms, I should get an extra inch or so of down travel as well.

Here's a picture comparing the new with the old.


I also got 2" FOX non-adj shocks for the rear, and Deaver 10-leaf springs, though I don't have pictures of those at the moment.

The first step was to clear out enough space in the shop to fit the truck AND close the door (because fuck the midwest and its bugs and its heat)

The front bumper is literally touching the wall, and there's just barely enough room between the rear and the door for me to squeeze past. I had to use one of those grabber arm things just to prop up the hood.


I also can't jack it up too high or I'll risk not being able to get the door open again.

(I will happily answer any questions. A full account of the build is forthcoming, but for now a lot of this stuff may seem odd)


Then it was a matter of removing the wheel. This was way harder than I would have imagined, since I somehow did not have a 3/4" socket that was both deep enough to remove the lug nuts, and would fit something strong enough to break the torque. I did get it eventually, though.

Notice my ingenious jack-jacker-upper.

Next was to unbolt the upper control arms, steering rod, and coilover, and then grab a big-ass hammer (not a big ass-hammer) and whack on it until things fell off. That is the technical name for the procedure, yes.


Removing the UCA was a pain in the ass. See, the factory installs it before the cab is mounted, and so to pull the bolt out, you have to move part of the fender out of the way with some pliers, then work it past a tiny gap near the battery. Lubricate generously with swearing.

Next came re-assembly. The new UCA's, pictured here alongside the OEM arms, needed to have bushings and sleeves pressed (read: whacked) into place.


The bushings were easy, but the sleeves... the sleeves needed to be greased. See, I suspect I have a very mild case of OCD, because I do -not- like to have any sort of grease or other wet contaminate on my hands. It doesn't drive me mad, it just makes me very, very uncomfortable. Usually I can just grab some soap and rinse it off, but this stuff? This fucking stuff? DOES NOT WASH OFF. I had to grab a detergent-soaked, fiber-impregnated dish towel to scrub the crap off my hands, and I actually rubbed part of my thumb to the point of bleeding trying to get the last tacky spot off. Needless to say, I bought some nitrile gloves.

After trying in vain to thread the stupidly long UCA bolt back through the new arms, I decided to mount the C/O's instead. That's when I realized that the old units had bolts embedded in the top, but the FOX units required (I presume) the stock hardware, which I have long-since lost. I just got back from another hardware store run (it's an hour away. I shit you not.) and did a quick mock-mount.


That's all I have for you today. Doing all this solo is rather frustrating and I've been taking it easy to avoid breaking anything.