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I’m going on the 2016 Hagerty Maple Mille rally this weekend. I had planned to take the Cletus-Vette but I can’t find anyone who can, ahem, pass it for a safety inspection meaning it technically has no registration. Luckily, the kind folks at Hagerty have taken pity on my stupid ass and hooked me up with a loaner car for the event.


It’s not the actual car pictured and all I know is it’s a 1967 Camaro convertible with an automatic. And unlike my Corvette, this one even has windshield wipers! I’ve always passed off first-gen Camaros as the obvious choice in muscle cars but I’ll get a chance to really drive one of these for 700 miles this weekend. What do you want to know about the car? I’ll have plenty of time to drive it and answer all your questions.


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