Getting back on the (video editing) horse

I’ve really been slacking on the video for the AlCan road trip. Actually on video editing in general, as I technically haven’t finished the last road trip... but I got through all the good bits so.... meh?

ANYWAY, we did this last one a little different so it is taking a new approach. Previous road trips we took as much footage as we remembered to during the trip, and then did audio “narrations” of the trip to fill in the gaps in the story. And that worked... OK. I get the impression it made the video a little boring and a lot revisionist. For this trip, every night we recorded video of what the hell happened. I think my prompt was always “so tell me about today”.


Either way, this is a huge narrative shift from previous video as we both have the nightly retrospective and the video at the time.

Also we were super inconsistent about shooting “at the moment” video so...


Interested to see how it turns out!  So far it feels a little... frantic, but I guess that is what the kids like... right?

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